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VeinGogh™ is designed for the improvement or elimination of small veins in the face, around the nose, and lower extremities not amenable to sclerotherapy due to small vein size. It is highly effective and safe, and usually provides immediate results with very little or no post-treatment downtime for the patient. The treatment is performed using a stylus, which holds a very fine needle that delivers a microburst of controlled energy just under the skin and above the vessel. The energy pulse specifically targets the vessel wall and heats it, causing it to collapse in a process known as thermocoagulation. Most patients are satisfied after just one treatment, but some may occasionally need a follow-up treatment. The VeinGogh™ treatment can be performed in just minutes. It can be done alone, or in conjunction with laser therapy. The typical patient should be able to return to work following treatment, as there are minimal post-operative effects. Patients may even resume their exercise routines and outdoor activities following treatment.